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​"Strategic rewards" is a term commonly used to describe pay programs for all non-executive employee groups. This incompasses salary management as well as broad-based incentive compensation. It is important to understand that effective strategic rewards programs provide tools but do not substitute for sound management judgment. Program elements should reinforce the company’s values and business strategies while maintaining external competitiveness and streamlining the process of setting, administering and delivering compensation." Bill Smith

We have the expertise and the necessary state-of-the art tools to assist with the design of effective strategic rewards programs.

As salary management consultants we have experience with over 100 organizations. We have learned that effective salary management programs separate two overriding considerations. 

1. The first, defining the worth of a job, involves:
  • Identifying and classifying unique jobs
  • Defining and documenting job responsibilities 
  • Analyzing appropriate competitive market information
  • Reflecting on internal equity considerations
  • Establishing an appropriate range of pay opportunity
  • Determining how much should be fixed versus variable
  • Designing and implementing appropriate base pay and incentive programs 

2. This frees up management to deal with the incumbent issues that they are best qualified to handle, evaluating the competencies, experience, qualifications, performance and contribution levels of individual employees.

We assist organizations of all types with:
  • Total rewards philosophies
  • Base salary management
  • Nonexempt wage scales and step schedules 
  • Project-team incentives
  • Broad-based employee incentives
  • Sales compensation 
  • Broad-based stock  
  • Employee recognition
  • Performance / talent management
  • Communications

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