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"In a time where top management teams are facing unprecedented pressures to perform, board compensation committees are facing unprecedented scrutiny. They must not only defend why compensation programs and values are not excessive, but also worry about being blamed for losing key talent due to the fact that compensation is not competitive. Their challenge is to be fair but not stupid."  Bill Smith

Through years of experience as executive compensation consultants, we are able to assist compensation committees and management in assuring their executive and board member compensation programs, practices and levels are:
  • Defensible to all affected stakeholders and interested parties
  • Consistent with their organization's compensation philosophy, business strategies and unique circumstances
  • Competitive with appropriate marketplace reference points
  • Aligned with the performance of their organization 
  • Designed with safeguards so as to not encouraging inappropriate levels of risk-taking
  • Documented correctly and fully disclosed

Our executive compensation consultants assist board compensation committees with:
  • Executive compensation philosophy
  • Base salary
  • Short-term incentives
  • Long-term incentives
  • Executive benefits/perquisites
  • Pay for Performance
  • Employment agreements/contracts
  • CEO / Committee evaluation
  • Directors compensation
  • Committee governance / compliance / disclosure
  • Incentive risk assessment

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